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In North part of country Muslims remain in majority where as Christians survive on the south component of the country. The name of Nigeria is kept on a river which is called Niger River and it runs within this nation. Worldwide Nigeria begins seventh number if countries are ranked according to their population. Nigeria is now an establishing country and biggest economic climates have actually included its name “Following Eleven” which is a listing of arising nations. Annually people concern Nigeria in big amount due to the fact that almost all airline company firms provide Trip to Nigeria. Europeans use to take these individuals away with them to make sure that they can make money by selling these people to other Europeans. That’s why the ratio of African people in European nations is greater than the ratio of any type of various other color. In 1800 individuals of Britain began an activity in which the condemn slave trade. This activity got so appeal that the govt. In this act United States of America was with them and with each other they battled this anti slavery battle. In 1936 they put a full stop on the slavery trade and quickly afterwards Nigeria introduced its freedom.