Star nite awards 2015-the bigger, the better

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The 14th leg of the Honors that was arranged by Kalinga Digital Media met the custom of its predecessors and the reputation it has obtained during its primitive years. With the style of the event being “NETWORK FIRST”, this occasion was totally dedicated to the Indian Channel Allies from the ICT industry. Tripathy, IAS, A. & Growth Commissioner, MSME, GoI; Shri Vipin Tyagi, E. , C-DoT, Federal Government of India; Shri Rajesh Janey, Head Of State, EMC – India & SAARC; Shri Vineet Goenka, Participant, IT Job Force, Ministry of Surface, Transportation & Delivery, GoI; Shri Kishore Badami, CMO, CISCO Solutions India & SAARC; Shri Amarjeet Manchanda, Supervisor, Consulting Providers, Red Hat India; Shri Sudarshan R, Head – Advertising And Marketing, Dell India Pvt. Ltd; Shri B. Kotak, Head Of State – ASIRT, amongst several others. The introduction of the SPOI magazine was another highlight of the night. In his welcome address, Shri Deepak Sahu, Publisher, VARINDIA, stated the truth that the sector has actually altered from every viewpoint and it is upon us how we take in those adjustments with our innovative ideas. ” Taking a hint from exactly how the market is quick transforming, Rajesh Janey, President, EMC – India & SAARC stated that the world is moving quicker the method we could have ever thought of. “The method things have been evolving in the present IT market is an interesting subject to start this evening. The factor I intend to make is that we need to change the means we have been servicing our clients.